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विवरण @Hello_Sarkar @NepalPoliceHQ @nepal_pmo I visited Lumbini on 31st Dec 17' with 50 other members from India to celebrate New year. From Lumbini bus stand we booked 4 battery rikshaws to visit main temple along with 4 other temples for 300 IC each. After visiting only tree temple when we were paying 300 IC as fixed earlier , they get united and asked 500 IC for each rikshaw arbitrarily, one driver (attached pic) literally abuses us and threatened us to give 500 or we w'd not let you all go fmm that place..!! It was not the matter of 500 or 300 rupees but The behaviour of those goons specially that one with cap (attchd pic),they are literally looting foreign tourists. Our mobile was out of network at that time & we were scared by the way that goons r behaving with us. We gave 2000 IC for 4 rikshaw,and escaped fm that situation but that incident keep crawling in my mind & I hereby want to complaint against that specific person (attd pic) for abusing, threatening & literally looting us. Pls take necessary action against him. I also suggest to enhance safety 4 f'gn tourists & fix charges 4 rikshaws in Lumbini
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