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विवरण Dear Grievances, This is Maniaha Kumari Ray, heaving a Ncell contact number 9815709875. I have never activated any game in my mobile number but Ncell has sent text SMS and forcefully activated 3 game without my knowledge and premission. When i was recharged my mobile number, the account balance deducted by Ncell. I was recharged 4 to 5 times around Rs.500 and same was deducted by Ncell. While today , I was call to customer care regarding my balance issue , the customer care represantative inform me that the account balance deducting due to games activation, which i have never activated. I request customer care that i have not activated so please refund my account balance, either show me the proof that i have been activated service. The customer care represantative refused to refund the amount or even not show me or sent proof of activation. Now, I would like to inform you that please look into this matter and help me to get refund my account balance. Your earlier action in this matter is highly appriciate to me. Thak you. Manisha Kumari Ray Mob. 9815709875 भन्ने गुनासो कर्ताको गुनासो रहेको छ ।
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  • राजन पौडेल, उपसचिव
  • ०१४२११८३०
  • rpoudel.irti@gmail.com
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