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विवरण Respected Personnel, I have noticed in the past 18 months that my rented house, where also my office is, shakes/vibrates whenever a bus or heavy duty vehicle goes past it. My house backs on to Linkroad, Nayabazar and its very significant. My other pals at office is also experiencing the same vibrations. The shake is very noticeable, especially at night, and has woken me up several times and feels like earthquake too sometimes because at night the heavy duty vehicles moves at greater speed on wide open roads. So, if we could reduce the speed limits in these kinds of city areas, we can resolve the shake to some degree. This may seem an unnoticeable problem but in time it may take some serious changes cause both health and wealth hazards. With due respect, i hope the committee will not take it lightly and will put this in action as soon as possible. भन्ने गुनासोकर्ताको गुनासो रहेको छ । Thank you. -- Regards, Prakash Malla Technical Director Enet Traders Nepal Pvt. Ltd. M: +977-9801015411
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